Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Adventuress

Radio Play: “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Adventuress” 

In this radio play, Dr. Watson recounts a case he and Holmes were given in France. When young Englishman Reginald Shipton gives a valuable heirloom that he has yet to inherit  to local respected woman Yvette Corvey, he turns to Holmes and Watson to get it back. However, their attempts are complicated when Holmes discovers Madame Corvey murdered.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Adventuress,” written by Denis Green and Bruce Taylor. Produced and performed by students from the Isaacson School for New Media, as part of the Sound Design 1 class.

Directed and Edited by Lucas Turner
Sound Engineered by Angela Gould
Music and Sound FX by Ryan Golbus

The Cast features:

Izzie Urenda as the Forman, and Inspector Charel
Arel Svenson As Dr. Watson
Jamil Tyner as Prefect and Duc de Boncourt
Andrew Breithaupt – Sherlock Holmes
Lucas Turner – Reginald Shipton
Hayley Olson – Gendarme & Henri Borel
Dianna Platero – Yvette & Campbell

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Small Business Spotlight: GoBeMap

Small Business Spotlight: GoBeMap

From Healthy Food to Trailheads to Kids’ Activities, Learn how GoBeMap Helps you find places to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle while traveling.
Chris Beebe

In this Small Business Spotlight, Maureen Stepp interviews the founder of GoBeMap, Chris Beebe. Listen as they discuss how and why GoBeMap was created, how GoBeMap helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling,  and why you should use this app instead of competitors like Google Maps.

More about GoBeMap

GoBeMap is a currently free, currently iOS exclusive map app. This app uses preset categories with filtered results to help you quickly and easily find nearby locations that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling.

For more information on GoBeMap, visit their website at:

To Download GoBeMap, visit its page on the iTunes store:

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Small Business Spotlight: Footsteps Marketing

Learn how this local digital marketing company helps clients increase their online visibility in our increasingly connected world. 
Sydney Schalit

In this Small Business Spotlight, Maureen Stepp interviews guests Sydney Schalit and Amy Moore of the digital marketing company Footsteps Marketing. Listen as they discuss digital marketing, the history of Footsteps Marketing,  and the importance of community.

More about Footsteps Marketing

Based in Carbondale, Footsteps Marketing has grown from advertising for just Ace Hardware to marketing for over 500 clients nationwide while maintaining a close connection with the Roaring Fork Valley.

For more information on Footsteps Marketing, visit their website at:


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Inside Scoop for Roaring Fork Schools – Adam Volek – Principal at Riverview

Annmarie Deter interviews the new Principal of Riverview School, Adam Volek. She gets the inside scoop on what brought him to Colorado and how he got into education.

Adam Volek, Principal of Riverview

They also discuss some of the challenges involved with building a school from the ground up, how the K-8 dynamic works and if the students will get their requested microwaves. Listen to our podcast to find out these answers and more.

Click on the link to see more information on Riverview:

More about Adam

Originally from Northern Arizona, Adam was fortunate to have a teaching career at both the elementary and middle school levels. Following his experience as a teacher, he became a school leader and had the opportunity to be the assistant principal and principal at McMeen Elementary, an amazing school in Southeast Denver where families came from 34 different countries.

Following his time at McMeen, he became an instructional superintendent, supporting principals at different schools in Northwest Denver.  During his time as a teacher, school leader and instructional superintendent, he made many wonderful connections with students, families, teachers and community members from all over the world.  Adam brings to his new role a deep commitment to build strong and meaningful relationships here in the Valley.

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CMC students organize free professional portraits for the holidays

 The faculty, staff and students of the professional photography program at Colorado Mountain College will be at the First United Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs on Wednesday, Nov. 29, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. to provide free portraits as part of the international Help-Portrait movement.

Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers using their time, tools and expertise to give back to their communities. Multiple portrait studios will be set up at the church, and portraits will be printed and delivered that night. This is a charity event and there is absolutely no cost for the portraits.

A family gets ready for their portrait during the 2011 Help-Portrait event in Glenwood Springs. The 2017 Help-Portrait event takes place this Wednesday, Nov. 29th, at the First United Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs. Photo: Klaus Kocher.

This is the eighth year the college’s professional photography program has participated in Help-Portrait, bringing hundreds of free portraits to the communities of the Roaring Fork Valley. Translators will be on site to assist Spanish speakers with portrait sessions. For more information on Help-Portrait go to: Families, individuals and groups – and pets! – are welcome.

For more information on this event contact Derek Johnston, program director and professor of professional photography, Isaacson School for New Media at Colorado Mountain College, at or 970-947-8151.

The First United Methodist Church is located at 824 Cooper Ave, Glenwood Springs.

Dracula Radio Play – CMC Theatre Club

“Dracula” performed by students from CMC’s Theatre Club 

Dracula adapted by Orson Welles from the Bram Stoker novel was recorded in RadioCMC’s Spring Valley studio as a collaboration with the CMC Theatre Club.

Directed by Hadley Hiebert
Sound Engineered by Lucas Turner
Sound FX by Hadley Hiebert and Meredith Dusenbery

The Cast of Dracula features:

Suzie Brady as Arthur Seward
Evan Piccolo as Jonathan Harker and News Vendor
Meredith Dusenbery as Driver, Lucy, and Hand 1
Zabdi Fuentes as Dracula’s Driver and Mina Harker
Joshua Adamson as Dracula and Old Man
Dana Fries as Captain and Voice
Lizbeth Morales as Mate and Another Voice
Fernando Ramos as Hand 2 and Hildeshiem
Travis Wilson as Van Helsing
Angel Amengual as Orson Welles

CMC Theatre Program:


Inside Scoop for the Roaring Fork Highschools – Paul Freeman GSHS

Radio CMC Interviews Roaring Fork Highschool Principal In Our Latest Podcast

Annmarie Deter interviews the Principal of Glenwood Springs High School, Paul Freeman, to get the inside scoop on what are his beliefs around education, how does he create and nurture the culture at GSHS, what is CREW, what really happened with the Football team and what does he think GSHS will look like in 20 years. Listen to our podcast to find out these answers and more.

If you have a question that you would like to get answered about any of the Roaring Fork Schools please direct them to Annmarie Deter at

Entrepreneurship In Ski Communties – Aspen Entrepreneurs Episode 10

Episode 10 of the Aspen Entrepreneurs Podcast!

Focusing on entrepreneurship in mountain & ski communities.

This episode features Sharon Matusik, Dean and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Leeds School of Business, at University of Colorado. Matt Doyle, with FATMAP, a 3D Mapping Platform for outdoor adventure recreation. Mike Kaplan, CEO of SkiCO. And Rudy Defelice of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

The panel discusses how they came to their respective ski-town areas and what things have been like since.

Hosting this showcase is Skippy Mesirow of Aspen Entrepreneurs.


If you’d like to find out about all the great things that Aspen Entrepreneurs are doing, head to their website>

This episode was recorded in Aspen, at Maker + Place, a co working popup location. Learn more about them online at

Winter Stoke Film Festival – Calling Local Filmmakers!

Calling all local film makers, the Second Annual Winter Stoke Film Festival is on!

Submit your 1-3 minute video and win a 2017-18 Season Pass to Sunlight Mountain Resort. Your edit on the BIG screen. Anyone can enter. Share your stoke!

Submit Films @:

Three finalists will be chosen for each venue,and the audiences will vote for their favorite Winter Stoke Film. The winner receives a free 2017-18 Season Pass to Sunlight Mountain Resort AND a prestigious Golden Boot Award. All finalists receive 2 lift tickets to Sunlight. Deadline to enter is Nov. 7, 2017!

Buy Tickets for the Event @:


Artist Profile – Local Rapper Andy Pablo

The Artist Profile returns with local rapper from The 970, Andy Pablo! This episode promotes his first independent EP release titled “Still Learning.”


Andy comes from Vail, Colorado and is currently attending college at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, CO. He has been writing songs and rapping since the age of 17. He spent the last year writing a few brand new songs, and well as re-using and repurposing some old lyrics. These efforts manifested in the release of his first EP, “Still Learning”

Andy studies some of his favorite rappers for inspiration, examples include Erick the Architect from Flatbush Zombies, Joey Bada$$, and Logic.

Featured in this interview is the track “Don’t Trust,” one of the darker tracks on the EP.  “In my head, trust can’t be reimbursed, so when that gets broken it’s a big thing. When I was writing the song it helped me to project what I was feeling without harming those people that burned me. There’s no sense in vengeance and revenge.” 

Andy believes that MC’s should address and promote positivity, equality, and love. He says that while these things are in people’s minds, but he believes they should be more of a focus.

Find Andy Pablo on soundcloud at

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