Because Of You Podcast – Outdoor Semester In the Rockies

RadioCMC interviews Sandy Jackson and Jim Campbell about their involvement in the Outdoor Semester in the Rockies program at Colorado Mountain College.

Lily Wymer interviews Sandy Jackson and Dr. Jim Campbell
Lily Wymer interviews Sandy Jackson and Dr. Jim Campbell

In this installment of Because of You, Dr. Jim Campbell and Sandy Jackson recount the incredible program they were a part of called the Outdoor Semester In the Rockies. Students that took OSR studiedĀ in the environments they were learning about, bringing their textbooks along with them as they traveled across the country.


Listen in to hear about their adventures swimming with sharks, encountering rattlesnakes in the middle of a lecture, and being blown over by gale force winds on the side of a snowy mountain. While OSR no longer exists, it has very clearly changed the lives of the students and faculty that were involved, andĀ teaches valuable lessons even today.

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