Inside Scoop for the Roaring Fork Highschools – Paul Freeman GSHS

Radio CMC Interviews Roaring Fork Highschool Principal In Our Latest Podcast

Annmarie Deter interviews the Principal of Glenwood Springs High School, Paul Freeman, to get the inside scoop on what are his beliefs around education, how does he create and nurture the culture at GSHS, what is CREW, what really happened with the Football team and what does he think GSHS will look like in 20 years. Listen to our podcast to find out these answers and more.

If you have a question that you would like to get answered about any of the Roaring Fork Schools please direct them to Annmarie Deter at

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Local Artist Andrew Herrera (Andy P) Releases New Mixtape

Andrew Herrera, a local artist and CMC student, just released his new mixtape “Still learning”. 

“Still Learning is about a lot of the struggles I’ve been through that have impacted me emotionally, physically, and mentally and just through these struggles I’ve been able to express what I’m feeling solely through the mic. Music is my passion and I don’t know where I would be with out it! A huge Thank You to all the producers that are humble enough to put free beats out there for people like me to hop on and use for non-profit use. Collaboration is key and without the help of these producers this EP/Mixtape would be absolutely nothing, so I thank you once again! Lots of Determination.” -Andrew Herrera

Don’t forget to follow him on Soundcloud >>> Andy Pablo


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Because Of You – Steve Mccarney, Johnny Weiss and Ken Olson

Adrian Fielder, Assistant Dean of Instruction at Roaring Fork Campus hosts this episode of the podcast. Adrian interviews three gentlemen who started the SolarProgram at Colorado Mountain College.

Listen to hear the story of how CMC’s solar program came into being from the three people who got it started!

Steve McCarney – Director & Project Manager of cold chain solutions at the Solar Electric Light Fund. 

Johnny Weiss – Principal of Johnny Weiss Solar Consulting and Co-Founder of Solar Energy International

Ken Olson – CEO, Owner and President of Sol Energy
and Co-Founder of Solar Energy International

This series of programs is based around interviews with people who have done amazing things and have been an integral part of CMC’s 50 year history. To hear more head to

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