Alice In Wonderland Radio Play – CMC Theatre Club

Alice In Wonderland performed by students from CMC’s Theatre Club 

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol was recorded in RadioCMC’s Spring Valley studio as a collaboration with the CMC Theatre Club.

Directed by Scott Elmore
Sound Engineered by Lucas Turner
Sound FX by Meredith Dusenbery

The Cast of Alice In Wonderland features:

Hadley Hiebert as Alice
Lylah Purpus as The White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts
Evan Piccolo as The Caterpillar, the Frog Footman, and the Duchess’ Cook
JD Miller as the Mad Hatter, and the Fish Footman
Aiden Wiehman as the March Hare
Suzie Brady as the Cheshire Cat and the Mock Turtle
Meredith Dusenbery as the Duchess, the Doormouse, and Alice’s Sister
Alex Frost as The King of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland was narrated by Scott Elmore.


Aspen Real Life Podcast – Jeff Patterson – Intro

Episode 8 of Aspen Real Life with Jeff Patterson of Aspen Success Coaching.

Jillian Livingston of Aspen Real Life interviews Jeff Patterson of Aspen Success Coaching. Jeff helps his clients create a vision for what’s possible and overthrow the tyranny of limiting beliefs that often have people play small.

Jeff is known for his profound level of listening and keen awareness that give him a unique ability to see what others can’t and to cuts to the heart of even the most complex matters. Check out Jeff’s website at

Aspen Real Life – Will Roush – Conservation Director

Episode 7 of the Aspen Real Life Podcast with Will Roush, Conservation Director for Wilderness Workshop

Will Roush

Will joined the Workshop in the summer of 2009 to inventory  lands for the Hidden Gems Wilderness Proposal. Currently he works as an organizer and advocate for our efforts to designate additional wilderness and protect the Thompson Divide from gas development.

The Wilderness Workshop is the conservation watchdog of the White River National Forest and adjacent federal public lands. To find out more information or to support this organization, head to

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The Wilderness Workshop is the conservation watchdog of nearly 3 million acres of public lands in western Colorado. Using science, the law and grassroots activism, WW works to keep the White River National Forest and nearby BLM lands more or less “as is” and, where possible, to restore wildness to this nationally important landscape.

Founded in 1967, the Wilderness Workshop has earned a national reputation for passionate advocacy, grassroots effectiveness, and scientific authority. Click here to learn more!

Because Of You – Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl & Yesenia Arreola

RadioCMC work-study Corina Jones interviews Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl, creator of the First Ascent Youth Leadership program, Alpine Bank Scholarships, and the Latino Youth Summit, as well as Yesenia Arreola, interim Upward Bound director

(from left) Corina Jones, Annmarie Deter, Yesenia Arreola, Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl

In this installment of Because of You, Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl recalls her involvement with the Advocate Safehouse Project, where she met the person who would soon give her the opportunity of a lifetime. She mentions meeting a “wonderful woman” who gave her the opportunity to spearhead the TRIO grant effort. From that one TRIO Grant, Mariana went on to gather key components to come up with the First Ascent Youth Leadership program.

Listen in to hear more about Mariana’s involvement with the Alpine Bank Scholarships, and the Latino Youth Summit, as well as Yesenia’s interesting story of how she and Mariana crossed paths.

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Because Of You Podcast – Outdoor Semester In the Rockies

RadioCMC interviews Sandy Jackson and Jim Campbell about their involvement in the Outdoor Semester in the Rockies program at Colorado Mountain College.

Lily Wymer interviews Sandy Jackson and Dr. Jim Campbell
Lily Wymer interviews Sandy Jackson and Dr. Jim Campbell

In this installment of Because of You, Dr. Jim Campbell and Sandy Jackson recount the incredible program they were a part of called the Outdoor Semester In the Rockies. Students that took OSR studied in the environments they were learning about, bringing their textbooks along with them as they traveled across the country.


Listen in to hear about their adventures swimming with sharks, encountering rattlesnakes in the middle of a lecture, and being blown over by gale force winds on the side of a snowy mountain. While OSR no longer exists, it has very clearly changed the lives of the students and faculty that were involved, and teaches valuable lessons even today.

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Inside The Mountain Podcast – Big Air Max

RadioCMC interviews the student filmmakers behind Big Air Max, a documentary showing at 5Point Film Festival this weekend.

Thang Khan Sian Khai, Danny Feria, Ben Hunter, Rachel Mayoral
Thang Khan Sian Khai, Danny Feria, Ben Hunter, Rachel Mayoral

Isaacson School students Rachel, Sian Khai, Danny, and Ben knew that they wanted to work on a project together after partnering up in the past. When Max Grange, a spastic quadriplegic, spoke in front of Sian Khai’s class, the group knew it was their opportunity to embark on an incredible filmmaking adventure.

They are thrilled to share Max’s story and their own as they were personally touched by the experience. Listen to behind the scenes lessons and laughs from the set of Big Air Max, the student documentary that made it to 5Point. Visit their FB page at:

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Aspen Real Life Podcast – Cynthia Clark – World of Hands

Episode 5 of the Aspen Real Life Podcast with Cynthia Clark, hand analyst expert and intuitive life coach!

Palmistry Expert Cynthia Clark
Cynthia Clark

Cynthia is passionate about helping others to find and live their authentic destiny, establish great relationships and connect with total health and well-being. Her combination of business skills, healing and intuitive gifts and passion for teaching others about their true selves through exploration of their hands make her an excellent guide for you to reach your full potential. Learn more at

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More about Cynthia Clark

Cynthia Clark became passionate about hands in 2008 and has been studying them ever since. Continue reading “Aspen Real Life Podcast – Cynthia Clark – World of Hands”

Inside the Mountain – Wilderness & Photography With Joseph Gamble

RadioCMC work-study Matthew Fisher interviews Joseph Gamble, Photography Instructor at Colorado Mountain College in the Isaacson School for New Media.

Joseph Gamble
Joseph Gamble

Passionate outdoor enthusiast and skilled photographer Joseph Gamble goes over topics such as technology in the media, conservation, and the importance of the wilderness in our lives.



Click here to read more about Joseph Gamble.