Station DJ’s

Lucas Turner

Lucas Turner is the manager at radio CMC. He is from Meeker Colorado and enjoys free styling. Learn more.

Tasha Westbrook

Tasha Westbrook is studying digital media here, is a co-star on That’s So Rad radio show and snowboards. Learn more.

Ethan Turner

Ethan Turner got into music when he was a teenager and quickly fell in love with rock and roll. He played in his church band and eventually in a few metal bands. Learn more.

Schuyler Halsey

Schuyler Halsey is a weirdo who enjoys talking to his friends and stranger on the radio. Learn more.

Lily Wymer

Lily Wymer has been a DJ with RadioCMC for almost two years. She is the host of Chillin’ With Lilian and a co-host on the talk show L Squad. Her music tastes are eclectic but you’ll most often hear her play alt-rock, indie, and anything by badass women. Learn more.