Alice In Wonderland Radio Play – CMC Theatre Club

Alice In Wonderland performed by students from CMC’s Theatre Club 

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol was recorded in RadioCMC’s Spring Valley studio as a collaboration with the CMC Theatre Club.

Directed by Scott Elmore
Sound Engineered by Lucas Turner
Sound FX by Meredith Dusenbery

The Cast of Alice In Wonderland features:

Hadley Hiebert as Alice
Lylah Purpus as The White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts
Evan Piccolo as The Caterpillar, the Frog Footman, and the Duchess’ Cook
JD Miller as the Mad Hatter, and the Fish Footman
Aiden Wiehman as the March Hare
Suzie Brady as the Cheshire Cat and the Mock Turtle
Meredith Dusenbery as the Duchess, the Doormouse, and Alice’s Sister
Alex Frost as The King of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland was narrated by Scott Elmore.


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