Basalt Talks Episode 1 – Connect One Design

This is a shiny new podcast called “Basalt Talks” Made in collaboration with LEMedia.

This week’s guests are Gyles Thornley, Sara Tie, and Heather Henry, three founders of Connect One Design. They discuss the creation of Midland Park and their perspective on future projects in Basalt as well. They are joined by Rodney O’Burn from The Plantium and Lemuel Bolaños of LEMedia.

This and future episodes will feature conversations surrounding the community of Basalt with those who live, work and play in the area. To listen to this or any of our other podcasts, head over to


“At Connect One we plan and design fun spaces, living spaces, public spaces and huge tracts of land that bring together and bring out the best in our human nature. Our fun spaces are those of your childhood, secret places of discovery and imagination that you will remember well into adulthood. Our public spaces are steeped like a good cup of tea in the essence of your community, reflecting who you are and who you want to be. Our living spaces are meant to be shared liberally with friends and family.” Read more at

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