Dracula Radio Play – CMC Theatre Club

“Dracula” performed by students from CMC’s Theatre Club 

Dracula adapted by Orson Welles from the Bram Stoker novel was recorded in RadioCMC’s Spring Valley studio as a collaboration with the CMC Theatre Club.

Directed by Hadley Hiebert
Sound Engineered by Lucas Turner
Sound FX by Hadley Hiebert and Meredith Dusenbery

The Cast of Dracula features:

Suzie Brady as Arthur Seward
Evan Piccolo as Jonathan Harker and News Vendor
Meredith Dusenbery as Driver, Lucy, and Hand 1
Zabdi Fuentes as Dracula’s Driver and Mina Harker
Joshua Adamson as Dracula and Old Man
Dana Fries as Captain and Voice
Lizbeth Morales as Mate and Another Voice
Fernando Ramos as Hand 2 and Hildeshiem
Travis Wilson as Van Helsing
Angel Amengual as Orson Welles

CMC Theatre Program:


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