Inside Scoop for Roaring Fork Schools – Adam Volek – Principal at Riverview

Annmarie Deter interviews the new Principal of Riverview School, Adam Volek. She gets the inside scoop on what brought him to Colorado and how he got into education.

Adam Volek, Principal of Riverview

They also discuss some of the challenges involved with building a school from the ground up, how the K-8 dynamic works and if the students will get their requested microwaves. Listen to our podcast to find out these answers and more.

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More about Adam

Originally from Northern Arizona, Adam was fortunate to have a teaching career at both the elementary and middle school levels. Following his experience as a teacher, he became a school leader and had the opportunity to be the assistant principal and principal at McMeen Elementary, an amazing school in Southeast Denver where families came from 34 different countries.

Following his time at McMeen, he became an instructional superintendent, supporting principals at different schools in Northwest Denver.  During his time as a teacher, school leader and instructional superintendent, he made many wonderful connections with students, families, teachers and community members from all over the world.  Adam brings to his new role a deep commitment to build strong and meaningful relationships here in the Valley.

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