Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Adventuress

Radio Play: “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Adventuress” 

In this radio play, Dr. Watson recounts a case he and Holmes were given in France. When young Englishman Reginald Shipton gives a valuable heirloom that he has yet to inherit  to local respected woman Yvette Corvey, he turns to Holmes and Watson to get it back. However, their attempts are complicated when Holmes discovers Madame Corvey murdered.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Adventuress,” written by Denis Green and Bruce Taylor. Produced and performed by students from the Isaacson School for New Media, as part of the Sound Design 1 class.

Directed and Edited by Lucas Turner
Sound Engineered by Angela Gould
Music and Sound FX by Ryan Golbus

The Cast features:

Izzie Urenda as the Forman, and Inspector Charel
Arel Svenson As Dr. Watson
Jamil Tyner as Prefect and Duc de Boncourt
Andrew Breithaupt – Sherlock Holmes
Lucas Turner – Reginald Shipton
Hayley Olson – Gendarme & Henri Borel
Dianna Platero – Yvette & Campbell

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