Tales of High Tails – Glenwood Springs Pet Store

Interview with Laurie Raymond. 

Laurie Raymond
Laurie Raymond: Founder of High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters

Aubrie Driscoll interviews Laurie Raymond, one of the founders of High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters. Their doors opened 14 years ago on Valentine’s Day in 2004.

High Tails offers doggy daycare, grooming, DIY grooming, pet nutritional consulting, pet training class, and they sell food and other pet supplies. They are located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.


More about High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters:

Because animals cannot advocate for themselves, businesses like High Tails are so important. Their mission is to give back to pets for being  loving companions to their owners. This is why they put so much emphasis on teaching owners how to feed their pets nutritionally, as well as on training puppies to learn proper housebreaking behaviors. High Tails understands that our pets truly are family.

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