Small Business Spotlight: Compass Peak Imaging

Small Business Spotlight: Compass Peak Imaging

long time valley Radiologist Elizabeth Kulwiec starts new business which aims to make quality medical Imaging more affordable in the Roaring Fork valley.
Dr. Elizabeth Kulwiec, founder and co-owner of Compass Peak Imaging.

In this Small Business Spotlight, Maureen Stepp interviews Dr. Elizabeth Kulwiec and Jeff Vichick of Compass Peak Imaging. Listen in as they discuss the high costs of medical care in the valley, how Compass Imaging will help solve this problem,  and the challenges they overcame when starting this business. 



More about Compass Peak Imaging

Jeff Vichick, the director of Compass Peak Imaging.

Compass Peak Imaging was founded to provide cost effective, high quality medical imaging to our valley.  Compass Peak will open on Monday, March 19 with the latest equipment and  a highly trained and experienced staff. Their commitment to the customer is exemplified by their commitment to “transparent” billing which helps you know what your visit will actually cost.

Appointments can be made by calling 970-665-2194

For more information on Compass Peak Imaging, including their pricing, visit their website at:

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