Because Of You Podcast – Outdoor Education – Roger Paris, Johann Aberger, And Matthew Fisher

In this fascinating episode of Because of You, Outdoor Education student Matthew Fisher talks to whitewater legend Roger Paris, who was crucial in laying the foundation for CMC’s Outdoor Education program. Joining the conversation is Johann Aberger, the current Director of Outdoor Education.

(from left) Roger Paris, Matthew Fisher, Johann Aberger

Roger talks about growing up under German occupation in northern France during World War 2, seeing bridges in his town blown up by German, British, and US bombs. He also discusses his background in outdoor adventures, and how he first came to Carbondale, Colorado in 1964.

Roger worked for CRMS for 15 years, teaching outdoor studies such as mountaineering, and he coached the ski team. In 1980, Roger started working for Colorado Mountain College in the outdoor program. He was crucial in developing the program in its early days, as well as laying the foundaiton for what the program has become today.

To learn more about Roger Paris and his amazing story, check out this article at Fun Hog Press!

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Aspen Entrepreneurs Podcast 5 – RJ Gallagher – Forte International

Aspen Entrepreneurs Podcast Episode 5 with RJ Gallagher, Founding and Managing Partner for Forte International

In this episode Skippy Mesirow interviews RJ Gallagher, Founding and Managing Partner for Forte International. He is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations of Forte and its overall performance.

Prior to Forte, R.J. was the Founder and President of Gallagher Sharp West in Aspen from 1991 until 200, when GSW became Forte International.

GSW was a pioneering organization, implementing successful marketing, sales, communications and design programs for high-end real estate projects and select clients in the resort, entertainment, hospitality, travel industries. During that time GSW provided services for some of the finest projects throughout the United States and Mexico, generating over $14 billion in sales revenues. GSW also provided services within the entertainment, resort, luxury hospitality and professional sports franchise industries on a global level.

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RadioQuest 1 – Gambling, Dragons, And Exploding Heads

RadioQuest Episode 1  With Ash Brady, Christopher Fisher, Liam Moyer, Madeleine Kamberg, and Skylar Cashin

Here it is! Our long awaited first episode of RadioQuest, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast made by the students of Colorado Mountain College.

Dungeon Master Ash sets the scene in the village of Farlind. The party spends their time competing in events, gambling, and drinking away their sorrows, meanwhile something sinister lurks in amongst the festival…will they be able to sober up and save the day in time? Listen to Episode 1 to find out!

More episodes of RadioQuest are on the way! Check back soon for Episode 2!

Basalt Talks Episode 1 – Connect One Design

This is a shiny new podcast called “Basalt Talks” Made in collaboration with LEMedia.

This week’s guests are Gyles Thornley, Sara Tie, and Heather Henry, three founders of Connect One Design. They discuss the creation of Midland Park and their perspective on future projects in Basalt as well. They are joined by Rodney O’Burn from The Plantium and Lemuel Bolaños of LEMedia.

This and future episodes will feature conversations surrounding the community of Basalt with those who live, work and play in the area. To listen to this or any of our other podcasts, head over to


“At Connect One we plan and design fun spaces, living spaces, public spaces and huge tracts of land that bring together and bring out the best in our human nature. Our fun spaces are those of your childhood, secret places of discovery and imagination that you will remember well into adulthood. Our public spaces are steeped like a good cup of tea in the essence of your community, reflecting who you are and who you want to be. Our living spaces are meant to be shared liberally with friends and family.” Read more at

Artist Profile – 4am Returns to RadioCMC Spring Valley Studio

Episode 29 of the Artist Profile features the return of  local cover band 4am!

Station manager Lucas Turner sits down in the Spring Valley studio with 4am to talk live performances, the songwriting process, those nice corporate gigs, their fanbase, and fake news!

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More about 4AM the band

Eight years ago the founding fathers of 4AM set forth to local bars and found garage rock & tasty 80s jams to be entirely lacking from live bands’ setlists. Hardened with resolve, determined to change the local music scene, these patron saints of rock set forth to forge in the fiery vats of grunge, hair metal, & 80s pop a band that could replicate with the theatrics of the most detested and infamous 80s rock groups the entire 80s Training Montage Playlist and the most challenging, complex, 80s favorites that no local band dare play.

After years of perfecting the dynamic rock jams herein described, from Rifle to Eagle to Snowmass, at all types of events, charities, parties, clubs, and corporate events, masses formed at the foot of stages, the buzz of rock’s anticipation spread throughout the valley, and a music scene of the highest, most discriminating standards was born. And so this is how 4AM THE BAND came to be.

Because Of You – Debi Martinez-Brun And Janeth Niebla

RadioCMC intern Lily Wymer interviews Debi Martinez Brun and Janeth Niebla.

because of you interview
(from left) Lily Wymer, Rachel Mayoral, Janeth Niebla, Debi Martinez-Brun

In this installment of Because of You, RadioCMC talks to Debi Martinez-Brun and Janeth Niebla about their involvement with Upward Bound, the Valley Settlement Project, and other projects centered around diversity and inclusivity during their time at Colorado Mountain College.

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Alice In Wonderland Radio Play – CMC Theatre Club

Alice In Wonderland performed by students from CMC’s Theatre Club 

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol was recorded in RadioCMC’s Spring Valley studio as a collaboration with the CMC Theatre Club.

Directed by Scott Elmore
Sound Engineered by Lucas Turner
Sound FX by Meredith Dusenbery

The Cast of Alice In Wonderland features:

Hadley Hiebert as Alice
Lylah Purpus as The White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts
Evan Piccolo as The Caterpillar, the Frog Footman, and the Duchess’ Cook
JD Miller as the Mad Hatter, and the Fish Footman
Aiden Wiehman as the March Hare
Suzie Brady as the Cheshire Cat and the Mock Turtle
Meredith Dusenbery as the Duchess, the Doormouse, and Alice’s Sister
Alex Frost as The King of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland was narrated by Scott Elmore.


Aspen Real Life Podcast – Jeff Patterson – Intro

Episode 8 of Aspen Real Life with Jeff Patterson of Aspen Success Coaching.

Jillian Livingston of Aspen Real Life interviews Jeff Patterson of Aspen Success Coaching. Jeff helps his clients create a vision for what’s possible and overthrow the tyranny of limiting beliefs that often have people play small.

Jeff is known for his profound level of listening and keen awareness that give him a unique ability to see what others can’t and to cuts to the heart of even the most complex matters. Check out Jeff’s website at

Aspen Real Life – Will Roush – Conservation Director

Episode 7 of the Aspen Real Life Podcast with Will Roush, Conservation Director for Wilderness Workshop

Will Roush

Will joined the Workshop in the summer of 2009 to inventory  lands for the Hidden Gems Wilderness Proposal. Currently he works as an organizer and advocate for our efforts to designate additional wilderness and protect the Thompson Divide from gas development.

The Wilderness Workshop is the conservation watchdog of the White River National Forest and adjacent federal public lands. To find out more information or to support this organization, head to

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The Wilderness Workshop is the conservation watchdog of nearly 3 million acres of public lands in western Colorado. Using science, the law and grassroots activism, WW works to keep the White River National Forest and nearby BLM lands more or less “as is” and, where possible, to restore wildness to this nationally important landscape.

Founded in 1967, the Wilderness Workshop has earned a national reputation for passionate advocacy, grassroots effectiveness, and scientific authority. Click here to learn more!

Because Of You – Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl & Yesenia Arreola

RadioCMC work-study Corina Jones interviews Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl, creator of the First Ascent Youth Leadership program, Alpine Bank Scholarships, and the Latino Youth Summit, as well as Yesenia Arreola, interim Upward Bound director

(from left) Corina Jones, Annmarie Deter, Yesenia Arreola, Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl

In this installment of Because of You, Mariana Velasquez-Schmahl recalls her involvement with the Advocate Safehouse Project, where she met the person who would soon give her the opportunity of a lifetime. She mentions meeting a “wonderful woman” who gave her the opportunity to spearhead the TRIO grant effort. From that one TRIO Grant, Mariana went on to gather key components to come up with the First Ascent Youth Leadership program.

Listen in to hear more about Mariana’s involvement with the Alpine Bank Scholarships, and the Latino Youth Summit, as well as Yesenia’s interesting story of how she and Mariana crossed paths.

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